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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to the increasing your visibility on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more. It leads to:

  • More traffic to your website
  • Warm, high quality leads
  • More visibility and buzz around your business

How Do We Get Your Business More Attention On Social?

Link Building

Links are the #1 factor to getting you ranked in Google. We make sure your website has plenty of authoritative, relevant links.

Research & Analytics

The beenfit of digital is that everything can be tracked. We can find the perfect keywords to go after and run analytics to watch the numbers fly.

On Page SEO

Your website needs the right relevance and structure to have any hope of ranking. We fully optimise it to be primed for page 1.

The prominence of social media began in full-force just over a decade ago but it already feels like it has been there for as long as one can remember. Connecting, socializing and marketing on a global level were made possible by platforms like Facebook that gave rise to a whole new way of interacting and advertising.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social media platforms have grown in immense popularity with each passing year. These digital diaries offer a free to use platform where users can upload and share content, videos, pictures, as well as, stay up to date with their interests and global trends.

Facebook has billions of users on its platform alone. This makes it one of the most ideal hubs or marketplaces for businesses seeking to advertise products and services to its desired target audience. Knowing a customer’s likes, dislikes, interests, characteristics and lifestyle choices can provide marketers intellect that they could have only hoped to have ever achieved on their own.

How Does It Work?

When Facebook was first introduced to the world it was presented as a free and fun way to stay connected with your friends and family no matter where they might be in the world. More importantly, it gave people a way to tell the world (or at least their friends) all the exciting and wonderful things taking place in their lives as it occurred which made it an instant global success.

Once Facebook started gathering tons of data that people were sharing about themselves on their platform it didn’t take long before corporate minds began using that data to generate revenue.

Knowledge is priceless. And intricate knowledge about consumer behavior and market perception is simply invaluable to businesses. Facebook began it all and then other social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube followed suit.

Although free to use by customers these social media platforms began charging businesses money to advertise to people that fit that business’s desired target audience. This method of advertising became so successful that today no business can truly thrive without marketing on social media platforms.

The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

They are many potential benefits of marketing on social media whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or others.

  • It helps increase brand or product awareness
  • Leads to increased traffic and better conversions
  • Helps your website rank higher on search engines
  • Makes it easy to communicate and interact with customers
  • Able to reach out to only desired niche (target marketing)
  • Improves customer satisfaction and helps create brand loyalty
  • Still one of the most cost-effective ways to market
  • Generates invaluable marketplace and customer insights

Why Is It Important For Businesses?

If you have a business and are selling a product or service but don’t have a social media presence than you are stifling your business’s growth and potential. Being on Facebook, Instagram and other important social platforms pertaining to your industry are essential to finding the right customers and the right connections to stimulate growth and success.

Social media marketing can be done either organically or through paid means depending on what the business is trying to achieve and their intended budget for advertising spend.

Organic Social Media Marketing

The beauty of social media marketing is that you don’t have to spend a dime to get a potential customer if you don’t want to. Creating a social business profile on Facebook or Instagram is free and the first step to opening a direct connection between you and your customers.

Writing a comprehensive company bio and uploading pictures is the first step to bringing your business on to the ‘social map’. Inviting current customers to like and follow the business page is the second step in order to get some visibility and traction. What follows depends on how much time and energy the business owner is willing to give to optimize and advertise their social page to the masses.

Coming up with creative posts and trying to engage with customers by asking questions or relating to things that they might be interested in is a great way to start building an organic following which will grow with time and persistence.

Paid Social Media Marketing

To accelerate sales, build awareness, or promote a product or service to the masses paid social media marketing is often the way to go.

Coming up with creative visual and content-based posts that are appealing and enticing and then boosting them to a well-thought-out customer profile can lead to incredible conversions and phenomenal sales often offsetting the associated costs many times over.

To learn more about organic and paid social media marketing strategies, techniques and methods chat with one of our professional London SEO experts today and get your business back on track.

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