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Looking for the best SEO agency in London? 5 years experience running our own 6 & 7 figure digital SEO and e-commerce businesses has taught us some things. Let us help YOU achieve similar success, without the stress.

We offer a whole range of digital marketing & SEO services, all honed for pure online result-getting goodness.

Search Engine Optimisation

Firstly we analyse your market and make sure your website has fully primed on-page SEO. Then we carefully curate authoritative and relevant links that move you up to page 1, driving more traffic. We can even get you leads from AdWords as well.

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Social Media Marketing

If you're not advertising on social media, then you're missing out. Generate traffic, leads & sales by targeting your perfect customers & paying per visit. Start your Facebook ad campaigns, including compelling copy & sparkly creatives.

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Ecommerce Marketing

Whether its your own store or a platform like Amazon, we're practiced in driving masses of traffic and sales to quality products. If you have a good brand but need more growth, reach out to see how we can help.

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We specialise in SEO for high quality businesses, with a heavy focus on ROI and results. Most SEO experts in London will either charge pennies and provide equivalent value, or be so clogged up with incompetent “experts” that they’ll never give you the page 1 rankings you need. We are UK based London SEO consultants that will optimise your website perfectly to capture as much high-intent traffic as possible, and provide a flood of leads and traffic.

While search engine optimisation does take time, it will be the highest ROI activity you ever do for your company because when you overcome the competition and show Google the value of your website, you can benefit from new customers coming in every day for years.

What you should expect when starting a search engine optimisation campaign for your business, is that results within 3-6 months are common. If you are willing to stick it out while your website gets the attention it deserves to rank highly, the following months will speak for themselves as the best investment you ever make.

SEO is definitely the best long term technique for bringing in new customers and leads, but PPC and social media marketing are also extremely important. When you implement multiple digital strategies at once, the effects multiply as the amount of “touch points” increase. This basically means the prospect keeps seeing you at every stage in their journey, keeping you top of mind for when they are ready to purchase.

If your company sells products, and either has an ecommerce store already or is looking to expand your online presence, then we can help with that too. Setting up on Shopify and Amazon positions you to conveniently sell to the scores of online shoppers browsing these platforms every day. We can then implement ecommerce SEO, Amazon SEO, and CRO to ensure your exposure is at the maximum.

Hi, I’m Michael…

I founded London SEO after building and selling two online businesses, and years learning and practicing digital marketing (including SEO, Ecommerce, CRO, Social & Online Ads).

In the past, I’d always preferred to work behind the scenes, and would decline or refer any clients that came looking for assistance. However, finally I decided to open things up, and to start helping other businesses like yours.

I’m lucky enough to be joined by several extremely skilled team members and allies that can handle almost anything you bring to us. If we can’t, of course we’ll let you know where you can find a solution!

Please continue reading, and either send us a message, or you can fill out the Discovery Form to give us details on your business, so that we can discuss how best to help you, and provide a free website analysis report.


See some of the ways we've increased the traffic & sales of businesses like yours

Working On A New Site

This is what happens when we get hold of a site, and apply our specialist SEO techniques to it. Now not all projects respond as quickly as this one, but with the right online foundation, the ROI can be unbeatable.

Some Ecommerce Results

Above is just 1 of the Amazon brands we've built up worked on. E-commerce is one of our specialities and its an area where if you've got a solid brand and high quality product, digital marketing will get your business to soar.

An Authority Site

Websites powered by SEO and social traffic can be exceptional revenue generators. Here is how we got 1 site in a protfolio to 5-figures per month in profits, before cashing out and selling it to a new owner.

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What To Do Next?

Fill out a short form. We just need some information on your website and business, to see if we're a good fit.

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Our Proven SEO Strategy…

We at the London SEO Company think of ourselves as pretty great at getting you to the first page in search results, even though we do say so ourselves. Most so-called SEO experts have never actually ranked their own websites to number one, but we have…multiple times in difficult niches, and on multiple search engines.

1. Analyse and Audit. First we will do a thorough SEO audit of your website to analyse your backlink profile, on-page optimisation, user experience. Then take time to think up an intelligent marketing strategy.

2. Keyword Research. The actual London SEO agency process starts with deep keyword research to understand what you can rank for, and what your competitors rank for. We need to analyse the whole market and determine the highest ROI search terms to go for, that will generate you the most web traffic for your buck.

3. On-Page Optimisation. We reconfigure your meta titles, URLs, H-tags, images, internal links and other elements to optimise your website and prime it for being #1 in the search engine results. This is the foundation of search engine optimisation – simple but easy to get wrong.

4. Avoid Myths. Most SEO agencies will have a heavy focus on content creation or web design for your small business. One client had over 600 blog posts when they came to us, having been told it would help their SEO! Of course it hadn’t done anything. Writing content without knowing what keywords you’re meant to rank for, and HOW, is a losing proposition. At our SEO company we stick with what gets results.

5. High Authority, Super Relevant Link Building – the key factor most professional SEO experts miss! For both national and local SEO, links are crucial to achieving a first page ranking. We manually reach out to real, popular domains and build dozens, or sometimes hundreds of high power backlinks to your website – giving you a ton of link juice. The relevancy of those links, the domain authority, the anchor text and age are all important.

6. Be Patient. All search engine optimisation takes time. Google does not want unknown, fly-by-night entities coming onto the first page, so you must prove yourself before you can earn your place. Setting up the correct website structure, content, optimisation and then layering that with high powered backlinks over a period of months will yield exceptional results.